The process of recovery following a car accident can be arduous and long, but there are steps that you can take to speed up your recovery and make it more pleasant. A doctor who specializes in treating auto accident injuries can devise an efficient treatment plan that will get you on the road to recovery.

Rehabilitation begins with a proper diagnosis of your specific condition. After that, the following factors will help you recover from an accident quickly:

1. Immediate Treatment

It is important to get a medical evaluation right away after being in an accident, even if you think you’re not hurt. For example, you may not feel whiplash for several days, but a doctor can determine whether you indeed suffered whiplash and explain how to treat it.

Also, ignoring pain that accompanies an injury may worsen the condition, so it’s best to tell a doctor where and how it hurts. Don’t just take over-the-counter pain medication and hope it will go away.

2. Rest

Perhaps because it seems too simple and takes a lot of time out of your busy life, rest may be one of the most difficult aspects of recovery. Active and involved people have a hard time slowing down, but rest is exactly what is needed during rehabilitation.

People sometimes fear they’ll lose muscle or get out of shape with too much rest. However, your body needs lots of rest in order to repair itself.

If you have a strain, sprain, or fracture, it is imperative that the affected area is well-rested. Placing weight on the injured area will only make the injury worse, while resting it allows the body to recuperate.

There comes a time during rehabilitation that it is necessary for a patient to “work through” their pain, but don’t force it too soon. Your health care provider will give you advice about balancing activity versus rest.

3. Physical Therapy

Your doctor may prescribe physical therapy if you have been injured in an accident. You may lose strength or your range of motion in the affected area, so your physical therapist will focus on relieving pain while also restoring function.

Some injuries require the patient to make specific alterations to their lifestyle. The therapist will educate the patient on how to positively adjust to these changes.

4. Adherence

Following the instructions and exercises that your doctor and therapist prescribe is perhaps the most important aspect of rehabilitation. It is useless to agree to physical therapy or to seek a diagnosis for an injury and then ignore the health provider’s directives.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions regarding your care. Be specific when explaining your injury and the pain that ensues. Your doctor or physiotherapist can only assist you to the degree that you’re open and honest about your condition.

Car Accident Doctors in Oklahoma City

Injury rehabilitation takes time, but your injury will improve with treatment, rest, therapy, and adherence to it all. The Brooks Clinic specializes in treating and rehabilitating injuries incurred in car accidents.

We will diagnose your condition, address your pain, and prescribe the right type of rehabilitation and physiotherapy as necessary for your injury. Our patients are of utmost importance to us, and we treat all injuries with care – while understanding that each case is unique.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, call The Brooks Clinic at (405) 400-0877 to schedule an appointment, or fill out our simple online appointment request form. Let us help you recover from your injuries and get back to the life you enjoy.