Joey Combs Talks About
The Brooks Clinic

For more than 25 years, The Brooks Clinic has been the premier auto accident injury clinic in Oklahoma City, OK – so when it came time to find someone to talk about the clinic, we knew we wanted someone who had a long history with Oklahoma. It was important that our spokesperson understand the services that we provide. And above all else, we wanted to find someone who understood our dedication to patient care and represented that type of involvement in the community. Joey Combs seemed like a natural.

But… Who is Joey Combs and why is he on the commercials?

When Joey heard that The Brooks Clinic was looking for a new marketing partner, he readily tossed his hat in the ring. You see, Joey has been in Oklahoma for the better part of his adult life and admits that he’s had The Brooks Clinic jingle caught in his head most of that time. He expressed interest, we were impressed, and it resulted in a partnership for the ages.

If you’ve heard his name, or maybe even his voice before, it’s because he spends his mornings on local radio station 98.9 KYIS , as one-half of the Joey & Heather In The Morning Show.  He’s originally from West Texas and a graduate of Texas Tech (we don’t hold that against him). He has a beautiful daughter and enjoys a host of hobbies, but were sure his favorite one is finding out where the next Brooks Clinic billboard will be featuring his charming smile.

Joey Combs The Brooks Clinic

If you see him, ask him about The Brooks Clinic.

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