At The Brooks Clinic in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we understand that you lead a busy life. That’s why we conveniently provide a variety of services within our office so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

When you have an orthopedic or sports injury, getting a prompt diagnosis and beginning your course of treatment as quickly as possible is important to your recovery. That’s why our practice provides on-site services such as X-ray, diagnostic ultrasound, urine toxicology, and more.

X-rays assist in identifying and treating fractures, and they are an essential tool when performing orthopedic surgery such as joint replacements or fracture reductions. At The Brooks Clinic, we use the latest high-tech digital X-ray equipment. There are a number of benefits of digital X-rays over traditional film X-rays, including:

  • Digital images can be computer-enhanced. Larger, clearer, color-enhanced images can result in a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Recent X-rays can be digitally compared to previous X-rays. This gives the ability to match out everything that is the same, providing a clear image of anything that is different, tiny changes that may not be visible to the naked eye can be caught earlier.
  • You are exposed to much less radiation (up to 90% less) than traditional X-rays.
  • Digital radiography is also better for the environment. It doesn’t use photochemical and traditional film, thus eliminating waste.
  • Ultrasound is an excellent tool for diagnosing the cause of real-time tendon and ligament pain. While we perform an ultrasound, you can point to where you’re hurting, and we can immediately get a look at that exact area as you’re moving and experiencing the pain.
  • Many times, a patient’s pain seems to have no clear cause, but diagnostic ultrasound allows us an in-depth look at injuries, detecting tiny tears that an MRI might miss.
  • There is no radiation involved with ultrasounds, so they are safe for people with pacemakers, spinal cord stimulators, and other medical devices that cannot handle the radiation of other diagnostic tools.
  • For your convenience, Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offer a variety of custom braces, splints, and slings on site in our office. After your evaluation with the doctor, you will be properly fitted with the equipment that best protects you from additional injury.
  • Braces, splints, and slings are used following surgery or to control pain associated with conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and fractures. We carry a wide variety of braces and splints, or we can custom make one specifically for you.
  • Manual Therapy: This includes joint and soft-tissue mobilization, myofascial release and massage therapy, as well as the highly specialized area of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).
  • Ultrasound: To create a deep heating effect that can reduce pain spasm and joint stiffness in addition to increasing flexibility of muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Electrical stimulation: To decrease pain and swelling and facilitate faster healing.
    Tens Therapy: This therapy gently stimulates the nerves and scrambles pain signals that are received by the brain. It can provide relief that lasts for weeks, and repeated applications can bring long-term freedom from pain.
  • Routine Physical Therapy Modalities: These include moist heat therapy, ice packs, ultrasound, TENS therapy and electrical stimulation.
  • Home Exercise Programs: We will create a customized program to help you recover from injury, improve strength, balance and coordination, and enhance your ability to perform.
  • On-Site Rehabilitation: The Brooks Center has a multitude of exercise equipment onsite, including free weights, Swiss Balls, DynaDisc®, Bodyblade®, ProStretch®, Cybex® row machine, leg press, leg extension, leg curl, treadmill, stationary bike, whirlpool and more.
  • Free Shuttle Service: We provide free shuttle service to all locations

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