Many of our patients benefit from electrical muscle stimulation. After an accident, it is not uncommon for the muscles and injured tissue to tighten up, have swelling and may feel weak. This is a normal reaction for tissue that has been “stressed”. Injuries that have this type of pain may benefit from interferential current delivered directly to the weak tissue. Electric stimulation works in two ways. First it begins to strengthen the muscle by forcing it to recognize stimulation. Secondly, it interfers with the normal pain signals – allowing the area to begin healing.

The length of time spent is electric stimulation and the depth of treatment will be decided by your Brooks Clinic physician, who is trained to calculate the most productive wavelength for the desired results.

The Same Care That Professional Athletes Get

When professional athletes injure a muscle, electric stimulation is one of the first treatment paths. What is also important to know is that electrically stimulated muscles are, for the most part, superficial, and that is useful for propulsive muscle groups. Most EMS experiences are one muscle at a time, but some injured muscles groups can be treated together.

This treatment method causes the targeted muscles to contract — which can result in several electrical muscle stimulation benefits such as:

  • Reducing the occurrence of muscle spasms,
  • Working the muscle to help retain some muscle density and strength and reduce muscle atrophy, and
  • Increasing muscle control and decreasing spasticity and flaccidity.

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